Skills Labs will resume on June 6!

If you are currently scheduled for a Skills Lab before June 6, please contact us to reschedule. 

Dear Students and Employers,

We will be reopening our skills labs beginning June 6th. 

Please read this carefully. 

Labs will be held at 50% capacity so we can maintain social distancing as much as is practical. 

We are closely monitoring the course progress of all of our active HCA students and are prioritizing students who are closest to training completion for the upcoming labs. (There is still no state deadline for completion, so if you are not able to get into a lab right away, you will not have licensing issues.)

Participation in skills labs will be very controlled. 

You will be required to wear masks at all times, and various PPE dependent on the skill being practiced. Some skills will require face shields, masks, gloves, etc. 

Until “Phase III”, we will ask students to change into clean clothes upon arrival. Feel free to bring your own. If you do not have access to clean scrubs/clothes, you will be provided a long-sleeved cotton isolation gown to wear throughout the lab. (These could be warm and cumbersome as the summer progresses so we strongly suggest you bring your own scrubs/clothes.) 

Anytime you leave the immediate premises, you will be required to change into clean scrubs or a new isolation gown upon your return. Please plan to bring your lunch. Smoking at any time other than lunch will not be allowed. 

There will be two Cornerstone staff present at each lab to provide extra supervision to assure proper safety measures are maintained throughout the day. 

You will be sent home immediately if you do not follow the instructor's safety instructions. If you do not feel you can comply with these requirements, please do not plan to attend a lab until the state eases some of the restrictions.

Our goal is to keep you and our instructors safe while providing quality training. 

Please contact me ( if you have any questions about the labs and how they will be held. 

We can't wait to see you in one of our upcoming skills labs!

Thank you,

     Robin VanHyning, MSN, RN Director of Training/CEO

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skills labs

virtual classes

virtual classes

CB201 | Skills Lab Day 1 (8 hrs)

CB202 | Skills Lab Day 2 (8 hrs)

Skills Labs are the in-person portion of Core Basic Training. This is where you will practice hands-on care-giving skills with an Instructor and fellow classmates.

You may take Day 1 and Day 2 of your skills lab back to back, but we suggest you take Day 1 early in your study and Day 2 toward the end of your study.  Skills Lab Day 1 must be completed prior to Skills Lab Day 2.

Skills Labs are held in Bellingham, Lynnwood, Lacey, Richland, Pullman, and Spokane.

virtual classes

virtual classes

virtual classes

CC401 | Mental Health Level 1 (8 hrs)
CC402 | Dementia Level 1 (8 hrs)

Our Specialty Training courses, Mental Health and Dementia, are held in a virtual classroom.

These courses are led by one of our certified instructors. We offer multiple sessions a month, so you can register for a session date that is most convenient for you.

Note: The final exam for these courses are proctored online. To take this course, you must meet all the technical requirements.